About us

Equality and Diversity

Thames British School Early Years Centre is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in all aspects of its management, organisation and day to day working practices. 

Alll children in our care and their families will be treated with equal respect, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, disability, race or religion. 

Our commitment to equality of opportunity will be made evident on a day to day basis through the provision of multi-cultural books, dressing up clothes, toys and resources, engaging children in activities and experiences that increase their awareness of different religions and cultures, making resources such as dolls, dressing up clothes, cars and tools available to all children irrespective of gender, encouraging role play outside of stereotypical roles, presenting visual images that show both sexes represented in a range of roles, traditional and non-traditional and providing training for staff to ensure they avoid stereotypical comments such as “boys don’t play with dolls” or “ which little girl is going to be the nurse?” 

We encourage parents and carers to support this ethos by providing them with information on gender stereotyping and will challenge any issues that have an effect on the children’s self-confidence and self -esteem.

Plans for activities reflect our commitment to a multicultural environment and will include references to various cultures, religions, disabilities and diversities. Children and staff at TBS are encouraged to be curious, interested and accepting. Stereotyping is not acceptable at any time and in any manner and staff are encouraged to take part in equality and diversity trainings every 3 years.