About us

Our philosophy

We aim to provide a language-rich environment where children are in constant communication. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with both the parents/carers and the children who attend our setting. Our aim is to provide a home away from home, safe and nurturing environment where children are happy, meeting milestones and learning through play.

Our goal is that all children leaving the nursery will have acquired an enthusiasm for new knowledge and experiences, coupled with a firm belief in their own ability and self-worth. This will enable them to become motivated, confident lifelong learners who have had the excellent foundations in growing a truly bilingual brain (or multilingual as is the case with our many expat families).

We embrace a play and discovery center-based approach to support the learning and growth of young children’s minds and bodies.

Children also engage in lots of self-directed play with a variety of materials that are intentionally prepared and selected by teachers to encourage physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and creative growth. Our multicultural family atmosphere celebrates diversity for the freedom it gives us to learn from each other.

At TBS babies and children receive individual attention with lots of cuddles, eye contact, smiles, and positive verbal communication. We nurture children through a variety of learning opportunities: babies learn to crawl and walk as well as join in with ‘messy play’.

Our toddlers and older children learn new words in both English and Spanish through stories, nursery rhymes, singing songs and musical movement. They enjoy daily activities in the arts and crafts and have a wide variety of toys to play with, all appropriate to their age and stage of development. Children have cozy areas where they eat and nap and enjoy quiet and imaginative play. TBS works in conjunction with parents to teach personal, social and emotional skills through interaction with other children and adults, feeding themselves at mealtimes when ready, they will also receive assistance in becoming toilet trained.