What is the level of English required for a child to obtain a place in the school?
For children in the 0 to 5 age groups, no previous knowledge of English or Spanish is required. For our future Year 1 class we will have a playful assessment session with your child in English.
Do you teach any other languages in school?
Our aim at our preschool is to provide an opportunity for children to develop as true bilinguals in English and Spanish. Children will have access to English and Spanish-speaking staff all day long. We don’t wish to introduce a 3rd language at this point as most of our children are just at the beginning of their language skills in both languages.
Are all of your teachers native speakers?
We have native teachers qualified and experienced within the British Curriculum and also cater for Spanish families’ needs and have staff who speak Spanish to the children. This is a great opportunity for your child to develop their dual language skills at this early age.
Does the school have children from other nationalities?
Yes, we offer an international environment, welcoming students from all nationalities. We currently have 6 different nationalities at our school.
What is the age range you provide for?
We currently have children from 9 months old up to Nursery/Reception. In September 2020, we will be opening up a new Reception group, in September 2021, a Year 1.(age 6/7) For their primary school education, we have contacts with local private and public primary schools to facilitate children’s enrolment in one of them.
What is your setting's schedule?
We have a flexible schedule for young children. We are open between 8.am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. We only close for Spanish public holidays. We are open until 5 pm in July and in August 2020 and have summer fun activities with children in combined classes. In August 2019 our school is undergoing major renovations this will remain closed.
Does the school provide baby care materials?

Yes, we provide all nappies (diapers), baby creams and other baby/toddler care items in our baby and toddler groups. We work on toilet training together with our families. From age 3 onwards we accept potty trained children.

Are meals cooked at school?
All meals will be freshly cooked in the school from September, 2019. We provide a healthy and balanced diet.Our dedicated and experienced chef provides fresh and nutritious meals daily including a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. All meals are prepared with the highest quality ingredients and our menus are changed seasonally. For a healthier diet, children are encouraged to eat fruit in the morning and a variety of fresh vegetables with their lunch and afternoon snack. The educators and kitchen staff ensure that mealtimes are relaxed and enjoyable.
The children are provided with a snack at 10.15, lunch at 12.30 and an afternoon snack at 15.15 for those children staying for the afternoon. (Except for babies, who have individual schedules) The snack can consist of items such as fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches, cereal, vegetable sticks with dips and fresh fruit/vegetable juice. Individual dietary requirements (allergies and cultural are taken into consideration.



What are your facilities like?
The School boasts 6 classrooms, a spacious, well-resourced indoor gym, a soft-surfaced 200 m2 outdoor playground equipped with a built-in children’s castle and slides system; areas for sand-play, a mini garden and plenty of space to help children explore, develop new skills and learn through play opportunities.

Our purpose designed Centre allows children to play, grow and learn in a beautiful and relaxed environment whilst also meeting their needs for safety, cleanliness and comfort.

One classroom also has direct access to  a safe outside learning area in the form of a spacious balcony.

For swimming lessons we will use the facilities of the AQA Sports Centre which is situated a few buildings away in our street from October 2019 on.



Are there any activities for parents at the school?
Yes, we believe in building a community where parents and staff collaborate to offer the best opportunities for the children. Apart from being a very family friendly preschool where we are in constant and direct daily communication with the families, we also aim to celebrate special days together and encourage parents , grandparents and child-minders to become part of our friendly community.