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Back to school with COVID-19

Thames British School Madrid is back after long hours of work on our reopening plans for the school year with new guidelines to return to school safely. The safety of kids and staff is our main priority in these hard times. 

COVID-19 has changed our daily lives. In addition to adjusting to a new reality, there are many things for children to become accustomed to, going back to school being just one of them. School is an important part of your child’s learning development. Apart from expanding literacy skills, fine and gross motor skills, a second language, artistic expression, and many more competences; kids also learn valuable social and emotional skills, which is why it’s so important to have a safe return. 

The new reality is unfamiliar for all of us, and it’s certainly not easy, it has brought a lot of uncertainty and changes to the school. However, with a lot of effort and teamwork we have managed to provide a safe, supportive and supervised space for our children while caretakers are at work. The first couple of weeks we focused on being close to the kids, accompanying them through the transition. We have spent more time in social/emotional learning slowing down the academic learning process prioritizing their feelings and adaptation. We have dedicated time to the structure and routine in order for the kids to be able to regulate. 

There has been an amazing community work in order for us to be back. Kids have been incredibly brave, and have adapted to the situation, environment, new classmates and teachers in the first few weeks. They are interacting with friends more and more, learning new words, songs, rhymes and games by the day, and staying calm as they learn and grow. We are very proud.

Both parents and staff have shown understanding, acknowledging feelings and have been extremely reassuring and supportive. 

This month we focused on learning about different means of transportations, through  songs, books, games and activities. We used car wheels to paint, had a car wash, constructed train tracks and many more.

During October we will focus on animals, autumn and Halloween! Now that the kids are more adapted we’ll have time for more games, arts and crafts and lots of learning. We can’t wait!

Blog entry written by: Carolina Caridad


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