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TBS During Quarantine

Quarantine has had a big impact on our school and our families. As an early years centre, we are tasked with adaptation and innovation on our daily basis. Covid-19 has been an unprecedented situation that has implied a lot of changes, unusual adjustments and extraordinary measures. It has demanded a lot of hard work, and has signified a great challenge for everyone. Older children may be participating in online classes and projects, this however, is not a feasible approach for younger ones.

TBS has explored different possibilities to keep the children engaged and learning, providing resources, sharing videos, and keeping in touch with them families during these times. 

The past few months our early childhood educators have been sharing songs, nursery rhymes, stories and activities for our little ones and their families via our online application. 

Our main concern has been keeping in touch, continuing to stimulate the development we have been encouraging this year, building literacy, fine and gross motor skills, inspiring imagination and creativity and having fun.

Storytelling has been a big part of our weekly videos, reminding everyone about the key role and great benefits that stories have in the child’s earliest years. We have aimed to share an array of books and tales. Stories tackling social and emotional skills, tales with a clear sequence of events, that include movement- alternating between our native English and Spanish storytellers (our teachers) to maintain an emphasis on both languages. 

Another important part of our daily uploaded content has been songs and nursery rhymes, we believe they are a cornerstone of language development! These aim to provide fun, simple and positive interaction, exposing children to vocabulary, teaching sequence, and helping the them further their language and communication skills. We have included typical nursery rhymes such as Pat-A-Cake cake, Itsy Bitsy spider, la canción de los Indios, Luna, and many more. Some days we have shared action songs, featuring finger play, upper and lower body movement, providing physical benefits and coordination. We’ve even made up silly songs and stories to encourage imagination, creativity and fun. Additionally, we have paired up some songs with great activities to do at home.

Lastly, our team has also worked gathering great activities and resources focusing on the EYFS learning areas that we follow in TBS, containing fun, engaging activities to work on communication and language, physical development, literacy and expressive arts and design.

We are committed to our work and to continue our close relationship with both the parents and children who attend our centre and will continue to grow, learning, evolving and adapting to adverse situations. 



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