General Information

IGCSE is equivalent to UK GCSE and O level, with students studying a range of challenging and creative syllabi through Years 10-11. The curriculum offers a variety of routes for learners into higher education, including those whose first language is not English. Students have a range of options that they can take at this stage of their educational career – focusing on those subjects that they excel in, and which will be most beneficial to their future career aspirations. Along with the core subjects of English and Maths, students also choose additional subjects from several options which currently include German, Spanish, Art and Design, Computer Science, Geography, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Many students also complete IGCSE examinations in their mother tongue. As of next academic year, the school will be offering an even greater range of subject options: English Literature, Business Studies and Global Perspectives among other options.

All students take the following core subjects:

  • English First Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Coordinated Science*
These subjects are compulsory but students
will not take an IGCSE exam for them:


  • PSHE
  • Physical Education
Students will make their choices from the following option blocks:


Block 1

● Computer Science
● History
● German


Block 2

● Art
● Geography
● Drama


Block 3

● Music
● Business
● French




Students need to pass at least 5 IGCSE subjects with a 4 or higher to pass to Year 12 and to achieve a 6 in subjects they wish to study at A Level or in IBDP.  If students pass with a 5 or more in their Lengua y Literatura Española y Cultura Española classes from years 8-11 then they also obtain the Spanish ESO qualification. If a student does not pass the convalidation subjects at the end of Year 11 there is no opportunity to re-sit the exam in the same academic year.

Progression into A Levels

GCSE examinations are excellent preparation for the final two years of schooling, and are required by many British universities as part of their application process. iGCSE examinations pave the way for the A Levels Programme, and provide an excellent platform and smooth transition to the rigours of this higher learning curriculum.

We encourage our students to strive for academic excellence in every subject, and we are very proud of the examination results achieved by our students every year.

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Note: As an international school we conduct admissions placement all throughout the year. Applications for the academic year 2023-2024 are for children in Nursery (2.5 years old) through to A Level.