Welcome on behalf of Thames British School board


For many of you, this will be your first contact with British education so I should like to invite you to visit us in Majadahonda to see for yourself why Thames British School could be the right choice for your child.

I have worked with British international schools for over half my working life and I am proud to be a part of the British international education family to which Thames British School belongs.

Schools should prepare their students for life and especially life after school. Consequently, education must embrace the whole child and their wellbeing, well beyond the knowledge and skills he or she acquires in the classroom, and help them achieve their maximum human potential.

At Thames, your child will be learning in a safe environment which fosters respect for others and its natural counterparts, respect for oneself and self-esteem.

Your child will be prepared for the wider world by being encouraged to develop skills in independent research and independent thinking while also learning to work in teams. Being able to think outside the box will be increasingly necessary in our rapidly changing world.

As most of the teaching and learning is through the medium of the English language, your son or daughter will learn not only to speak English fluently but to think in English as well, an invaluable asset in today’s global marketplace. British education qualifications are internationally respected and accepted by employers and universities worldwide.

Thames is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a department of the University of Cambridge. In Cambridge, Thames has a critical best friend who not only monitors Thames to ensure the highest standards are maintained but also provides continuous pedagogical support to ensure that Thames is always up to date with developments in British education.

We believe that the education we offer prepares children to become fully developed and well-informed citizens with enhanced prospects for access to higher education and the best employment opportunities.

But seeing is believing, so I hope you will want to visit us soon and get to know us better. You will always be welcome at Thames British School.


John Carrivick, Thames British School Group

John Carrivick has lived in Spain for over 40 years and worked for the British Council in Madrid for 33 years until his recent retirement. His work included managing the relationship with the British schools in Spain, liaising with Spanish national and regional authorities and the British Department for Education on inspection, certification, equivalence of qualifications and child protection. John now works as a consultant on British education, and his continued work with schools has included being a governor of several schools and serving on the advisory council of an international network of British schools. John has also worked with a British examinations board on the recognition of qualifications in Spain and joined Thames British School in 2018.


Letter from the School.

We are walking confidently to the future

A child’s schooldays only come around once so we know that parents and guardians are placing a great deal of trust in us. There are few things that are likely to have more impact on a young person’s future than the quality of the school they attend.

We want to help make these years as happy, enjoyable, stimulating and successful as they can be for all of our students. In particular, we hope that when children have passed through our school they will have:

  • Fulfilled their academicpotential.
  • Had many varied and exciting opportunities to discover their interests and skills.
  • Become independent/responsible and kind-hearted young people.
  • Developed life skills that will help them succeed in later education and beyond.

Each child is important to us so we have an inclusive approach that supports all of our students.

We believe that learning goes hand in hand with happiness and motivation.  As a result you will discover that our school is a vibrant and busy place where you are never quite sure what is around the next corner. It may be that the classroom has been transformed into a moonscape complete with shuttle and moon buggy, perhaps the children are enjoying making a meal from home-grown vegetables or you may stumble across children at Base Camp on Mount Everest.

We provide a warm welcome and on-going support for all of our families and do all that we can to ensure that new students settle in well to school life, building friendships and recognising from their first day, that they are valued members of our school.

We hope when you visit our website, that you will gain a sense of the value that we place in each child and our desire to ensure standards, in all areas, remain consistently high within the caring and happy community which is Thames British School.

Lea Gabbitas – Headteacher

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We are always delighted to hear from prospective parents that are considering our international school for their children’s education. Please do not hesitate to call us on the phone number above or select from the options below:

Note: As an international school we conduct admissions placement all throughout the year. Applications for the academic year 2020-2021 are for children in Nursery (2.5 years old) through to A Level.