Hello everyone!

We have excellent news for you: an interview with Alex Martinez, deputy director and head of the primary school at Thames British School. Alex, of Argentine-British descent, shared fascinating details about the school and its unique approach to education.

Thames British School offers a 100% British educational program, which stands out for its practicality and flexibility compared to the Spanish education system. Instead of relying solely on textbooks, students engage in interactive learning, applying knowledge in practice. The school is especially proud of its specialized science laboratories, music classroom, computer lab, and diverse educational materials.

Alex also talked about how the school has evolved since its founding in 2015. It now offers education from preschool age (1 year) to senior years (A Levels), and will introduce the IB international program in the upcoming academic year.

Special emphasis is placed on the school’s internationality: 80% of the students are Spanish, but many of them have at least one non-Spanish parent. This creates a unique multinational environment where English can be heard during breaks.

The school also cares about preparing students for university both in Spain and abroad. Students study necessary subjects to access Spanish universities, and those who choose the IB program will have direct access.

What truly sets Thames British School apart from other British schools is its size. With only 260 students, the school maintains a family atmosphere with an individualized approach to each child and close collaboration with parents.

Finally, Alex shared reflections on how today’s educators must prepare students for jobs that do not yet exist, developing teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

This was a truly inspiring interview that shows how Thames British School prepares students for a successful future!