Music has a power that goes beyond words, having numerous cognitive benefits that support children’s early development. It offers a joyful learning experience and promotes growth in many different developmental areas.


At Thames British School Madrid, we are intentional about integrating music into our daily routine, choosing activities to support specific developmental goals. Here are just a few reasons why we like to introduce musical activities in our day to day and how it may contribute to growth.


Being shared with others, music is by nature a social experience. When our kids dance or clap to a song together, we are promoting positive social interactions, generating a nice learning atmosphere where they can enjoy each other in a constructive way. Group activities such as circle time, group orchestra, or simply singing along together provide bonding and create a cheerful environment for learning. During circle time we tend to share songs that go along with simple motions and dance moves such as: “Slippery Fish”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Five little monkeys”, etc. We also create our own silly songs and hand motions, using the kid’s names in the song and rhyme whilst moving their bodies helps them be aware of themselves.