Unifrog competencies

Here at Thames British School Madrid we have been asking students each week, during form time, to think about how they have worked towards any of the unifrog competencies below and to think about how they could work towards them in the future. This is a really great starting point for students especially studying in International Schools to understand transferable skills and the importance they have in a range of careers.

Unifrog says…

How can I improve?

  1. Take a look at the competencies listed above – are there any you feel you’re lacking in? There’s a good chance you’ve already demonstrated all 12 in one way or another (for example, if you’ve successfully worked as part of a group during a science experiment, you’ve probably shown good teamwork skills!), but you might feel that there are some you need to work on.
  2. Once you’ve identified the competencies you want to improve in, you can develop them by doing things both inside and outside of school. For example, if you feel you need to work on your independence, you could complete a school project on a topic that particularly interests you, or even go for an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Outside of school, why not start a blog or vlog? With each, you’ll develop self-reliance and the ability to set and meet your own goals.
  3. Each time you demonstrate a competency, make a note of it using Unifrog’s Competencies tool. For example, to demonstrate Leadership, you might write: I motivated others to participate in our school sports day and made sure they were all involved. I then helped to organise their participation and provided help to anyone who asked for it.

This might seem like a bit of a hassle at first, but it’s well worth it – as you build your list of competencies and add them to your Locker, you’ll create a pool of evidence to choose from when it comes to applications and job interviews. You can then build them into your CVs, cover letters, application forms or interview responses to show your new employer that you’re exactly what they’re looking for!

We hope these recommendations help all our students and make them more confident and efficient, not only during their study at our British School or any other International School but also throughout their lives.